8 Avatars Name of Lord Ganesha

1) Vakratunda  this avatar after killing the demon called Matsarasura. 

2. Ekadanta This incarnation of  Lord Ganesh who defeated the demon called Madasura.

3. Mahodara This incarnation of Lord Ganessh,who defeated Mohasura,the demon of  delusion and confusion

4. Gajanana Gajanana is the name of the elephant-faced avatarLord Ganesha chose this avatar to fight  'Lobha', the demon of greed.

5. Lambodara Lord Ganesha in the form of Lambodara for killing the demon, Krodhasura.

5. Lambodara

6. Vikata This avatar of Lord Ganesha emerged, who controlled Kamasura,the demon of desire.

7. Vighnaraj Vighnaraj is one of Lord Ganesha's most well-known incarnations and is regarded as the destroyer of all obstacles.

8. Dhumravana This avatar of  Lord Ganesha  defeated Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation or ego (ahem).