Amazing Facts About Ramanathaswamy Temple

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Ramanathaswamy is the Temple of Lord Shiva: ‘Ramanathaswamy’ literally means ‘The Master of Rama’, which refers to Lord Shiva.


 This temple is built by Lord Ram.


Hall of 1000 Pillars: The temple has tanks hall of 1212 pillars in the outer corridor


Char Dham: The Char Dham are defined by the Pandavas in the Mahabharata; it is one of the Dham in char Dham


Jyotirlinga: According to Hindu scripts, there is only 12 Jyotirlinga in the continent, which appeared by themselves.


World’s Longest Corridor: measured about 6.9 m in height, 400 feet each in the east and west and about 640 feet in the north and the south.


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