Meaning of Gayatri Mantra


27 - 06 - 2024

Om — the Absolute bhūr bhuvaḥ  suvaḥ — the three realms of existence.

tat — that  which is Self-Existent, the ground of all being, the Absolute

savitur — (savitaḥ) The Divine Impeller, the creator, preserver and tansformer of the entire creation.

Vareṇyam — worthy of adoration and worship.

bhargo —  The source of all refulgence and light. The absolutely immaculate one free from all negativity.

deva - asya — The Self-refulgent One, the giver of the light of wisdom.

dhīmahi — let us contemplate upon, meditate upon.

dhīyo — (dhīyaḥ) of the intellect, mind, the consciousness yo — (yaḥ) who

naḥ — to us pracodayāt — energise, inspire, impel.