It is one of the oldest temples in Hyderabad.  The temple is about 150-year-old.  And this temple is  associated to Goddess  Durga . 

After killing the demon, Mahishasura Mata stopped at this place and drank water from the well and quenched her thirst. Later, a shepherd spotted an idol of the goddess at the same place where now the temple stands.

Peddamma Thalli is also known as Sri Gauramma and Sri Ammavaru. Peddamma is also believed to be a form of the village deity and is said to be one of the eleven forms of Mahakali. She is worshipped in this temple as the Mother of the universe.

The Bonaalu festival which occurs during June–July every year. People offer their prayers and sacrifices to The Mother round the year and The Mother is known to shower her blessings on each and every devotee who offers her prayers.

There is a belief that if the rupee is standing vertically at the flagpole without falling, the wish in the mind will be fulfilled.




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