He is the epitome of THE IDEAL HUMAN BEING: modest, dignified, and selfless. Lord Vishnu took on the form of a mortal human for the seventh time in Lord Rama’s life.

In stark contrast to his former incarnation (Lord Krishna), Rama has left his mark on the world with a gentle demeanor and a calm outlook on events. He represents all that is right in Hinduism: truth, justice, and the Hindutva way of life.

Here are some of the most valuable lessons you may take away from Ramji, who is an extraordinary mythological figure who will last forever.

#1. Never Give Up

It may take a day, weeks, or even years, but never give up on your objective. Rama spent a long time seeking his beloved Sita, who was taken captive by Ravan, King of Lanka. Such is the power of love and commitment to one’s aims.

#2. Modesty is the best policy

He’s the best archer around. He is well versed in the finest Astras and Shastras. His humility is unmatched despite his immense strength and expertise. You might be the best at what you do. But limiting production is essential.

#3. To Keep Calm

He’s faced huge wars, mythological creatures, and horrific situations yet never lost his cool or even been robbed. Ramji has always had great control over his feelings and emotions. Keep a calm mind in every scenario. Panicking won’t improve the situation.

#4. Always Obey and Respect Your Elders

He never questioned his parents’ choices, even if it meant a life in the woods. Ramji accepted to fight monsters like Thataki at his father’s request and went into exile at his stepmother’s request. He is Aadharsh Balak. You may not agree with your parents’ behavior, yet they may have chosen the greatest option for your benefit.

#5. Prejudice Is Never The Solution

When Ravan’s brother Vibhishan came to Rama after being exiled from his own country, Rama showed no ill will towards him, even though his people doubted it. When they realized how much Vibhishan’s knowledge and competence benefited them, they came to appreciate Rama’s forethought. Prejudice never works. The actual worth of individuals and situations/opportunities may be seen if you look past the common features.

#6. Importance of Friends

Laxman and Hanuman are Rama’s devotees and brothers. They’ve proved to be Rama’s closest buddies. He had trusted his brother Bharat with the kingdom and his brother Shatrughna with the family. Friends always have your back, no matter what. Your parents and siblings are the finest friends you’ll ever have.

#7. Monogamy

Lord Rama has never thought of any lady other than Sita. When his wife was kidnapped, he battled history’s greatest evil. His love for his wife was the major theme of the Ramayana.

#8. Family is Important

Ramji, the eldest of the four sons of the King of Ayodhya, was about to be crowned King. But an otherwise kind stepmother Kaikeyi was forced to impede Ram’s ascent. But Lord Ram was not envious of anyone, especially his stepmother. That he kept his father’s pledge may have been easy. Father’s honor became his own. This type of healthy relationship amongst family members might eventually bring things full circle.

#9. Respect Your Enemy

Ram felt no ill will towards Ravana as he was about to kill him. The fight aimed to save Rama’s wife Sita from Ravana’s clutches. So the conflict broke out after diplomatic attempts failed. Ram treated his foe as a human in death. He was properly buried. Ram even requested Lamana to study with Ravana.

#10. Patience, Determination & Enthusiasm

Shabari is an illustration of this. Guru had already instructed her to wait for Lord Ram when the other students and Guru returned to Godhead. She demonstrated her joy by working each day diligently to keep the property clean and plucking flowers and fruits for the Lord. She had total trust in Guru’s teachings and waited patiently and determinedly. The Lord makes Himself known only when He pleases.

#11. You may conquer any obstacle in life with the help of unity

In addition to Dashratha’s three wives and four boys, all of them were extremely close to one another, and when life dealt them a difficult blow, their hearts remained together even though they were physically separated. You should constantly be by your family’s side because, when a family works together, they can overcome any obstacle. When the tide appears to be higher than the sky, the fruits of unity provide the strength to sail the ship.

#12. Treat Everyone Equally

Ramji treated everyone with dignity, and it was because of this that he gained the affection and respect of all. Nobody cared whether someone was younger or older, poor or wealthy; he was the same for everyone. Even when Shabari (the sage’s daughter) handed him the already-tasted berry fruits, he ate them without a second thought, despite the fact that he had previously rejected them.

He was always kind and respectful to others. We should be able to pass on this trait to our children. We should always treat everyone with dignity and respect, and we should refrain from discriminating based on social class, gender, age, or caste. A genuine human being is one who understands that everyone deserves to be treated equally, and we should treat animals in the same manner.

Wrap Up

We hope that you will try to endure these qualities of the Ramji in your life and try to be the ideal human being. The whole life of Lord Ram is a lesson for all of us that how we can be kind, dignified, and modest in our life. We can also accumulate the teachings of Ramji to solve our daily problems, which we think are big, but if we solve them properly, they are not that big.  And always remember that maintaining a forgiveness-centered mindset promotes peace and harmony.