Anyone who has read the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata is familiar with the vital character Lord Krishna. One of the most well-liked gods in Hinduism, he is Vishnu’s eighth avatar.   The universe has never seen a true spiritual guru like Krishna, who is more than just a Hindu God. He altered humanity’s spiritual and chronological fate. He taught people around the world the ultimate reality, as well as dedication and dharma. Shri Krishna has served as a role model for people in every way throughout history, in the modern world of today, and undoubtedly for many millennia to come.

The Bhagavad Gita, also known as the Gita and composed of 700 verses, is the most-read book in India. In this scene from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna conveys his wisdom to Arjuna during the ethical fight between the Pandavas and the Kauravas at Kurukshetra. It imparts several life lessons that are simple to apply to our everyday lives.

Bringing India’s ancient knowledge in a particle way:

The Krishna Lesson 1:             

When Shri Krishna was young, His elder brother Balram complained to their mother, Yashoda that Bal Krishna is so silly he is eating mud, When Yashoda confronted Krishna, she told him to open his mouth and when Krishna opened his mouth Yashoda can see that entire Universe in his mouth. All of us know this story. “But what is the lesson behind this story?”

Age is just a number it is not proof of your knowledge or wisdom. When people take things personally, their ego is involved they end up thinking that we know everything they end up putting a ceiling on their growth. But you must have observed that many times small children end up teaching us things far beyond their age. This is their innocence, but sometimes they say very deep things that force us to think deeply.

There is a saying – A child gives birth to a mother What our relationship with our children should be, this is the lesson that this story of Bal Krishna teaches us.

The Krishna Lesson 2:    

There won’t be even a single family in the world which does not have any argument at all. All of us get scolded by our parents. Brothers and sisters fight as much as they love each other and all of us, we also unintentionally speak rudely to our parents but when the family finds itself in trouble, we all unite.

Shri Krishna was very naughty when he was young, He kept having small fights with the people in Vrindavan. One day, Lord Indra caused a thunderstorm in Vrindavan. The reason was, the people of Vrindavan didn’t worship him but instead worshipped the Govardhan mountain to save everyone from the Thunderstorm, Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on this little finger when he lifted the mountain, and everyone rushed to safety. That was no time to remember petty issues, it was a time to face problems together.

In the Mahabharat, Yudhisthir says

When we fight between ourselves, we are 5 they are 100 but when we fight against an enemy together, we are 105. During times of hardship, a family should put differences aside and stay together. Shri Krishna’s story teaches us this lesson.

The Krishna Lesson 3:     

What we can learn from Shri Krishna about leadership? People fondly call Shri Krishna the bitter thief. He used to steal butter from the Gopis, Tired of this, the Gopis kept the butter in a pot and hung it so high so that Bal Krishna could not reach up to get it. But we all know what happened next, we celebrate this every year.

This story teaches us an important lesson Tasks that are impossible for an individual to achieve, can be made possible because of a team. The butter which was tied up high became Shri Krishna’s goal, this goal guided his process. We learn the importance of visualization and teamwork.

The Krishna Lesson 4:                                                                                                                    

What is true devotion? Shri Krishna teaches us that through a story. There was a puja held for Vrindavan’s prosperity. A lot of prasad was being made to please Gods, Shri Krishna and his friend were returning from work, and all the friends were tired and hungry Shri Krishna asked his friends to ask the priests for food but the priests did not agree to give them food. The food was being cooked for the Gods but the priest’s wives gave them their share of the food. Shri Krishna was happy with the priest’s wives and the puja was successful.

True devotion is in the purity of intention they are in the emotions with which the puja is done. Through this story, Shri Krishna taught us the importance of humanity.

The Krishna Lesson 5:     

The Yamuna was Vrindavan’s lifeline. A snake called Kalia had taken control of this river and his venom was mixed in the drinking water, without water, there was no future for Vrindavan. With scant regard for his safety, Shri Krishna defended Kalia but while fighting with a venomous snake like Kalia what if Shri Krishna was injured or poisoned?

Negativity and positivity have a weird relationship. Sometimes, staying with very negative people even positive people can turn negative but some people have a lot of faith in their positive energy, their roots and morals are very strong, and external forces can’t weigh down such people. This is the quality of a good leader

A true leader, even in very adverse conditions does not abandon his/her team or his/her purpose. The leader has the strength to change negative circumstances but doesn’t let the circumstances change him/her.

The Krishna Lesson 6:                                                                                                              

There are two stories in MahabharataOne is Dronacharya and King Drupad’s story. Both of them studied in the same Gurukul. The difference is only that Drupad became a king and Dronacharya became a teacher. When they grew up, when Dronacharya went to visit Drupad in his kingdom, Drupad did not treat him like an old friend instead Drupad treated him like a beggar. Some years went by and the Kauravas and Pandavas came to Dronacharya to be under his tutelage. After their education was completed, the students asked their Guru, what do you want as Guru Dakshina, Dronacharya replied capture king Drupad and after winning the battle agents king Drupad.

Dronacharya came in front of his childhood friend. Dronacharya sad, a long time ago, you did not treat me as an equal. Today, I will rise to your level and show you, give me half your kingdom in exchange for your life. Drupad never forgot this insult. He decided there and then like how his kingdom had been divided Hastinapur too would be divided. Nobody else would cause this division, his heir would cause this break, his heir was Draupadi.

On one side, you have this story of friendship gone wrong, on the other side is a shining example- The relationship between Sudama and Shri Krishna where even though Shri Krishna was the King of the Yadavas, he embraced his childhood friend, he gave Sudama the respect he deserved because status and success should not come between friendship.