This Murudeshwar temple honors Lord Shiva and is situated in Karnataka. The second-highest statue of Lord Shiva in the whole world is housed at this temple, and its sheer majesty will leave you speechless. On the Kanduka Hill, which has the Arabian Sea on three sides, this shrine is situated. The 123-foot-tall “gopura,” which is also the name of the main temple’s entryway, offers a stunning perspective of the Shiva statue.

The most exquisite and complex sculptures you will ever see cover the whole surface of this structure. With the exception of the sanctum sanctorum, the temple compound has undergone modernization. The Sri Mridesa Linga, which is said to be a piece of the original Atma Linga, is the temple’s principal deity.

This location’s Shiva monument is incredibly stunning and will undoubtedly leave you feeling peaceful and humble. This stunning statue is the ideal homage to a God who is highly revered around the world.

The Temple’s Importance

    • The Atma Linga, which initially resides in Lord Shiva’s heart, is thought to have been handed to Ravan by the Lord as payment for his penance. The Atma Linga’s protective fabric may be seen in the temple. Another claim is that after worshiping Lord Shiva, all the Gods achieved immortality and invincibility, according to Hindu texts.
    • It is said that Karnataka is one of Lord Shiva’s five kshetra, along with Dharmasthala, Nanjangud, Gokarna, and Dhareshwara. The Murudeshwar temple is one of these kshetra.
    • The huge statue of Lord Shiva, which was constructed so that the Sun’s rays fall first on it, is the temple’s most eye-catching feature.
    • A Deep is located within the temple’s main shrine and is said to be blazing exactly as it did when the temple was first constructed. People pour oil into the raging Deep and see their picture in the oil in order to receive the blessing of the God for wealth and luck.
    • With a height of 237.5 feet, the enormous Gopuram at the entrance is thought to be the second-tallest Gopuram in the whole globe.

12 Interesting Murudeshwar Facts You May Not Know

Murudeshwar Temple is easily recognised thanks to its exquisite Shiva statue. Hindus also use the location as a well-known site for pilgrimage. The history of how the temple was built is something we should be aware of. Here are some intriguing facts about Murudeshwar that will astound you.

1. The Enormous Shiva

The magnificent Shiva effigy at Murudeshwar is well-known. After the Kailashnath Mahadev Statue in Nepal, this statue is claimed to be the second highest Shiva statue in the world.

2. Raja Gopura, The Alluring

The Murudeshwara temple tower known as the Raja Gopura, or “King of Towers,” truly lives up to its moniker. 20 stories high, the Raja Gopura includes a lift that takes visitors to the very top.

3. A Peninsula Called Kanduka Hill

The Arabian Sea borders Kanduka Hill, where the Murudeshwar temple is situated, on three sides. resulting in the magnificent sea views.

4. Back to The Ramayana

The Ramayana era in Hindu mythology is when the Murudeshwara temple was built.

5. Atma-Linga and Ravana

According to tradition, Ravana bought the Atma-Linga from Lord Shiva on the condition that he not leave it on the ground until he arrived in Lanka. Ravana’s immortality and ascension to power was something the devatas opposed.

6.The Ganesha Trick

Gods (devatas) ask Lord Ganesh for assistance. He convinces Ravana into handing up the Atma-Linga by dressing up as a youngster and fooling him. Ganesha installs the Linga in Gokarna as Ravana is offering his prayers. The Linga is afterwards attached to the earth.

7. Ravana’s Fury

In his rage, Ravana attempts to steal the Linga but ends up shattering it. As a result, the Linga’s fragments are dispersed all across Gokarna. The major Atma-Linga may be seen at the Mahabaleshwara temple in Gokarna, as well as in Sajjeshwara, Dhareshwar, and Gunavanteshwar. Murudeshwar is where the fabric that covers the Atma-Linga falls.

8. Temple Murudeshwara

At the base of the statue lies Murudeshwara temple.

9. Mridesha Linga, Sri

Mridesha Linga is the name of the Atma-initial Linga’s fragment. Murudeshwara is its current name.

10. Emerging Destination for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is popular on Netrani Island, also known as Pigeon Island, which is close to Murudeshwara. It is regarded as one of India’s top scuba diving locations. With permission of Sankara Subramanian The stunning temple complex is situated near Bhatkal on Kanduka Hill (Kanduka Giri). It is fascinating to view the Shiva Idol and the lofty Raja Gopura (tower) against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. One of the PanchaLingam temples in the Gokarna area is Murudeshwara. It is unquestionably one of India’s most well-known Shiva temples.

11. The Shiva Statue Glitters

Shiva’s statue took two years to build. It is constructed such that sunlight shines straight on it, giving it a perpetually shining appearance.

12. The Modern Buildings

One of the well-known temples in Karnataka is the Murudeshwar Temple. It combines classic and modern architectural styles. Kashinath erected the statue, while R.N.Shetty, a businessman, provided the funding.