One of the main and heroic characters in the Mahabharata is supposed to be Arjuna. He had a well-rounded personality and made wise choices. Even Lord Krishna and his Guru Dronacharya or Guru Drona were astonished by his intellect. He made the choice to give Dhanur Vidya to Arjun alone among all the Kauravas and Pandavas for this reason.

Along with his intelligence, Arjuna possessed kindness and generosity. He was a kind man who never felt the need to brag about his abilities. He had an impressive personality because of this. Let’s examine all we can learn from Arjun and what made him so exceptional.

Lessons From Arjuna:

1. Absolute Passion

In the Mahabharata, Arjuna had a deep love for archery and arrow shooting. He persisted despite the dark and the approaching evening. He always focused on improving himself by working on it day and night and just doing what he loved. This brave man always went without food to pursue his vocation with excellence.

2. Always Engage in Constructive Competition And Take Advice From Rivals

Arjuna never disparaged his rivals and constantly traveled the path of Dharma. Eklavya, a different Mahabharata character who shared the same enthusiasm for Dhanur vidya, Once He released a few arrows that Arjuna was not particularly aware of.

But Arjuna didn’t engage in unfair competition with him. Instead, He kept himself awake all night and increased his Vidya practice He questioned why I couldn’t learn Dhanur vidya if someone like Eklavya, who isn’t even trained by Guru Drona and has little facilities, can do it so beautifully.

It is well known that Arjuna’s major rival was “Karna.” He even repeatedly provoked him. However, Arjuna never abandoned his Dharma and was always engaged in friendly competition with him.

3. Close Attention

Arjuna had a sharp eye for detail and was intensely focused. He always set goals and paid close attention to the smallest things. When Guru Drona instructed everyone to use a bow and arrow to shoot the bird’s eye, the Kauravas and Pandavas responded in unison. Everyone then responded differently, with some claiming to be able to see foliage, trees, or birds. Only Arjuna claimed to be able to see with a bird’s eye.

He then released the arrow and struck the target. That inspired Guru Drona, who gave Arjuna Dhanur Vidya lessons. He later achieved success as an archer.

4. Enormous Faith in God

Arjuna always had the uttermost faith in his buddy and comrade Lord Krishna and a great deal of respect for him. because Arjun recognized that Krishna was the divine. That is why, prior to the battle, Krishna gave Duryodhana and Arjuna the option of selecting him or his powerful army. Krishna would not engage in battle with any weapons or tools. Arjuna decided to follow Krishna.

He was aware that Krishna would always force him to take the right course. Because of this, Arjuna repeatedly uttered the phrase “Jo apko thik lage Madhav(Krishna)” and agreed with all the latter stated.

5. Perseverance And Patience

There was a scene in the Mahabharata where even Arjuna began to lose a little patience. After that, he made a self-promise to never lose his temper. Arjuna used to use his leisure time by practising his musical instrument, the Vadya Yantra Veena. Karna and Duryodhana, two Kauravas—enemies and cousins of the Pandavas—arrived at that time and mocked and attempted to humiliate Arjuna.

Karna frequently provoked Arjuna and used derogatory language. When he ran out of patience and became enraged, he pulled a weapon out but avoided hurting Karna. Arjuna was nonetheless punished for using his shastra (weapon) without authorization. To clean Karna’s foot, Arjuna was instructed. It seriously hurt him.

But Arjuna realised his error and resolved never to lose patience again, no matter how severe the situation. He will just keep his attention on his work and work diligently. He will never get frail from any of these insignificant incidents or persons. Therefore, just like Arjuna, we too should learn from our errors and cultivate patience in our lives.

6. Acceptance And Gratitude

Arjuna never refused anything that came into his life. He never felt ashamed of his errors or shortcomings. said the truth at all times. He was grateful for his life. And even when difficulties arose, he maintained his composure and dealt with them deftly.

He never took pride in his abilities and traits, as was previously said. and was ever grateful to God and life. Arjuna and his family through much suffering, but thanks to his kindness, he was able to overcome it.

7. Continuous effort

There is no substitute for effort, and Arjuna’s life serves as a good example of how to do it. Arjuna dedicated a lot of his time to developing his knowledge and abilities. He never turned down the chance to learn. Pandavas and his wife were ordered to live in exile in the jungle for 12 years before to the Mahabharata war.

Arjuna engaged in a great deal of tapasayas and training at that time to get ready for the impending battle. He was also put to the test at that time by Lord Shiva, who was very impressed with him and gave him numerous “Vardans.” Arjun actually received many vardans from many gods at that time.

He became much more powerful as a result of all of God’s favors and gifts. And He took part in the fight with complete self-assurance, a wealth of abilities, diligence, and self-belief. All of that helped Him win the war. Therefore, in order to succeed, we need always provide our best effort.