Kausalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra were the three wives of King Dasharath of Ayodhya. He offered a sacrifice to produce sons, and as a result, his queens conceived. Rama and Bharata were born to Kausalya and Kaikeyi, while Lakshman and his brother Shatrughna were born to Sumitra.  Lakshman is identified in the Puranas as an incarnation of Shesha, the multi-headed serpent that supports the preserver god Vishnu, whose avatar Rama is said to be. He went to Mithila with Rama when sage Vishwamitra asked him to fight the demons in the jungle. Lakshman had a strong bond with Rama. Lakshman wed Urmila, Sita’s younger sister when Rama wed Sita. Chandraketu and Angada were their two sons.

One of the most selfless characters in the Ramayan is Lord Lakshman.

Devotion of Lakshman

Devotion is first and foremost an immeasurable quality. Love and devotion are intangible emotions. Lakshman Ji has an unending love for Bhagwan Sri Ram. He had a deep, holy, and great love for Sri Ram. His attachment to their elder brother is indescribable. It would be difficult for them to adequately express their love and devotion for Sri Ram, even if all the oceans turned into ink and the entire planet became a page. Their elder brother, Bhagwan Sri Ram, is unfathomable, thus we cannot compare their love and devotion to him.

Imagine that you are a prince who has a good opportunity to become the king but you choose to accompany your brother into exile even though the fact that he is going to be banished.

Well, it’s unquestionably true that Sri Lakshman gave up a lot for his brother Sri Ram. But only to us, that considered a sacrifice, but no matter what Sri Lakshman did for his brother, he never saw it as a sacrifice; rather, he was grateful for the chance to help his brother and stick by him through the most trying circumstances. He never requested anything in return, so the truth is that he received the devotion of Sri Ram and his limitless protection. Sri Ram also promised to obey Lakshman in the following Yug in return for his selfless service, which is why Lakshman was born as Balram’s elder brother in the following birth. That is why Ram, Lakshman, and Sita maa are always seen together.

“Rama is within Lakshman, and Lakshman is within Rama.”

He has had a special bond with his brother Sri Ram since he was a young child, and no matter what, he has always wanted to stay with him!

It’s amazing how much he loved and cared for his brother and Sister-in-law. He is a gentleman!

Lakshman killed Indrajit, The Son of Ravana

As the victor of Indra Lok, Indrajit was no ordinary demon. Only someone who has gone 14 years without eating, sleeping, or seeing a woman’s face could have killed him. People were astonished by Lakshman’s ability to meet these requirements. Thus, only  Lakshman was able to slay Indrajit since he was strong enough to do it.

Lakshman claimed that he stayed awake all night long for 14 years to watch over Ram and Sita. His mother instructed him to watch over Ram and Sita as they slept before she sent him into exile. His other name is Gudakesh.

Lakshman Also Called by The Name “Gudakesh”

Sita and Lakshman went to the wilderness with Ram when he was banished for 14 years. Lakshman decided to not sleep for 14 years to make sure that his older brother Rama and sister-in-law Sita were secure.

He went up to the Goddess of Sleep, Nidra Devi. Lakshman asked her to deny him sleep for 14 years so he could be awake and watch over Ram and Sita. He impressed Nidra Devi with his commitment, and she gave him the boom—but only if someone else would take care of him at night. For the full 14 years, his wife Urmila agreed to take his snooze. He is also known as Gudakesh for this reason. He was capable of slaying Meghnath thanks to this extremely potent condition. Meghnath was endowed with the gift that only a Gudakesh, someone who has conquered slumber, is capable of killing him.

For 14 years, He didn’t See The face of Any Woman

Lakshman resided with his brother Ram and sister-in-law Sita while in exile, but he never glanced at her face. He never looked above her feet. He could only recognize Sita’s anklet from the jewellery that she had thrown while Ravan was taking her to Lanka when Sugriva displayed it to the group. While prostrating himself at her feet in adoration, he claimed to have seen them. As he had never dared to take a close look, he was unable to identify any other jewellery.