Richest Temples

India is a country with a unique culture and mystical beauty. Ancient kings constructed temples as a method to provide labor for people during times of hunger, maintain the health of their armies and animals and provide a secure location for inhabitants to shelter when invading armies arrive.

These temples were constructed with traditional architectural elements and a regal atmosphere so that they would stand for generations to come and bear the name of the king who ordered them. Around the nation, there are many fascinating temples and a few affluent ones as well. The Top 16 Richest Temples in India are listed below:

1. Kerala’s Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The First And Most Richest Temples List include This Lord Vishnu temple which is situated in Trivandrum, Kerala. One of the richest temples in the entire world is this one. The temple possesses valuables worth more than one billion rupees, including sculptures, ravens, precious stones, silver, and gold. This treasure was found in one of the temple’s hidden vaults that had been kept locked for many years, if not decades.

2. Gujrat’s Somnath Temple

This temple, one of India’s Jyotirlinga temples, is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Chalukya architecture of this temple is its major draw. The temple’s mausoleum is 150 meters high. The attackers stole and destroyed several artworks that were located inside the temple.

3. Temple of Venkateswara in Andhra Pradesh

Every day during the festival days, more than 5,00,000 pilgrims come here. Every year, more than $120 million USD in cash, gold, and other offerings are donated to the temple by tourists. Additionally, the human hair that the pilgrims sacrifice by shaving is washed and sold.

4. Temple of Guruvayurappan, Guruvayoor

Another Keralan temple that made the list is this one. The Dwaraka of South India is this temple, so the saying goes. Lord Krishna, who is revered in the shape of a baby, is the subject of this temple. The site of this temple is supposed to have some magnetic force. The shrine is supposed to have healing properties as a result.

5. Katra’s Vaishno Devi Temple

This extraordinary structure is situated in Jammu and Kashmir, 5300 feet above sea level. It is one of the nation’s older temples and has ties to Lord Shiva’s myths. One of the 51 locations where bits of Goddess Shakti’s corpse broke off while Lord Shiva carried her lifeless body across the globe is the Vaishno Devi shrine.

6. Temple of Shirdi Sai Baba in Maharashtra

This temple is sixth in the list of richest temples, which is devoted to the Hindu preacher Sai Baba, is worth 320 crores of Indian rupees. His followers, who are located all over the world, are well-known for this temple. This temple is found in Shirdi, where Sai Baba spent the most of his time performing miracles, preaching, and offering assistance to those in need. The deity’s throne is composed of 94 kg of gold and is worth more than 10 crores.

7. Temple of Sree Dharma Sastha at Sabarimala and Periyar Tiger Reserve

Once more, the God’s Own Country tops the list with its well-known Lord Ayyappan temple. This temple is situated at a height of 3000 feet on a tiny hill. The temple stands out since not everyone is allowed to enter. Someone must go through 41 days of ceremonies, including being denied all worldly pleasures, in order to be deemed worthy of entering the main sanctuary inside the temple.

8. Puri’s Jagannath Temple

This is one of India’s historic temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple, which lies in the Orissan city of Puri, sees a lot of visitors each year, particularly during the Rath Yatra event. The wealthiest and most well-known pilgrimage destination in Orissa is this one. It is anticipated that the temple would be valued more than INR 150 crores in total.

9. Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple

This is Mumbai’s most well-known tourist attraction. Every Hindu celebrity visits this temple, which is a significant location to attend during Ganesh Chaturthi. The temple’s primary deity is crafted from 4 kg of gold. The temple is worth 125 crores in total.

10. Temple of Mahalaxmi in Kolhapur

This is yet another Shakti Pitha temple, which is a reference to the places where Shakti’s bodily parts are said to have fallen. Lord Lakshmi is this temple’s primary deity, though. A lucky spirit serves as this temple’s god. This temple is thought to be where Lakshmi and Vishnu reside. This temple is valued at 14 crores of Indian rupees.

11. Amritsar’s Golden Temple

Amritsar is home to the principal Sikh pilgrimage destination. This fabled structure is renowned for its exquisite construction, brilliant golden hue, and culture. More than 10,000 individuals receive free meals three times a day from the temple. One of the holiest places on earth is this place. This shrine receives more than 50,000 visitors each day.

12. Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple

Lord Meenakshi is honored in this rock temple from the seventh century. The striking architecture of this temple, which features priceless statues, a hall with a thousand pillars, and other features, has earned it worldwide acclaim. One of Tamil Nadu’s largest temples is thought to be this one.

13. Varanasi’s Kashi Vishwanath Temple

There are several temples in Varanasi. The Vishwanath temple, which is situated on the banks of the Ganga River, is the city’s principal temple. It is one of the area’s oldest temples. One of Lord Shiva’s Jyotirlinga temples is this one. This temple’s interiors are very similar to those of the South Indian Rameshwaram temple, which is also on the list. The region is beautiful because of this distinctive architecture.

14. Jammu’s Amarnath Temple

Visit this mysterious temple, located 12,760 feet above sea level, where ice is worshiped to. Every year, during the winter, a sculpture made of ice in the form of Lord Shiva’s lingam is created. This lingam is revered as Lord Shiva’s most pure manifestation. It is not simple to go to this temple.

15. Temple Kamakhya in Guwahati

The fifteenth spot in the richest temples and also One of the seven wonders of India is thought to be this temple. This Assamese temple is devoted to Lord Shakthi’s tantric form. During the month of June, the god of this temple is rumored to bleed, turning the Brahmaputra River scarlet. The Temple Is Built With Rocks And Looks Impressive And Beautiful.

16. Delhi’s Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Old temples make up the majority of this list. But this is one of the nation’s newest temples, This temple is also known for his beauty. This temple offers a contemporary path to spirituality thanks to its open landscape, robotic display of holy texts, contemporary artwork of religious epics, and many other features. This Hindu temple made of sandstone is a vast collection of Hinduism and Indian culture. In Delhi, this temple is a popular tourist destination.