Ram Navami

Ram Navami Is Celebrated As The Birth Day Of Lord Ram, The Seventh Avatar Of Lord Vishnu. Rama Is particularly important in the Vaishnavite tradition Of the Hindu Religion. This Festival Has A Great Importance Among Hindu People And Especially In the Regions Of Central India Which Includes – Ayodhya, Mathura, Chitrakoot, etc.

This Festival Is All About Happiness & Joy Which One Can Find In The Name Of Lord Ram, This Festival Falls On The Ninth Day of Shukla Paksha Of Chaitra, Believed To Be The First Month Of The Hindu Calendar. Government Celebrates It Too As Rama Navami Is Considered To Be The National Holiday All Over India.

The Day Is Full Of Mantra Chanting Taking All Over And Temples Are Believed To be Like A Hub Where Real Ram Exist. People From All Over Love To Celebrate And Express Their Happiness For Lord Ram And Sita Mata, Ramayana Is Considered To Be The Most Important Book On That Day as It Includes The Lovely Story Of Lord Ram.

This Day Has Its Own Importance – Many People Around Beleive In Organizing Community And Charitable Meals Around Markets And Chauraha which people perform to make Lord Ram Happy. Bhajans And Mantra Can Easily Be Found in The temples.

Places Where Festival Is Celebrated On High

Ram Navami Is Celebrated All Over The World, But There Are Some Regions Which Are Famous For The Day Celebration. The Regions Are – Ayodhya, Janakpurdham ( Nepal ), Rameswaram, Maduranthakam, And Many More. On This day Many People Dip In The Sacred River Called Sarayu and then visit Rama Temple For Giving Salutation To Lord Ram. It is A Festival Where People Love To Come Together And Like To Fast. It Is Believed That All The Devotees Who Fast On This Day Are Showered With The Happiness & Blessings And Also Good Luck By Lord Ram.

Ram Navami History

Ram Navami Is Believed To Be One Of The Oldest Festival Celebrated In India, This Festival is Not Limited To India Only But Also Celebrated With Full Enthusiasm And Happiness All Over The World Where Hindu Religion Resides. In The Olden Days, When The Caste System Exists Rama Navami Was One of The Selected Festival Which Lower Cast Was Allowed To Celebrate.

In Hindu Religion is one of the major Of the holy five festivals which is celebrated all over, people also believe that doing this fast properly can lead to the attainment of salvation.
Every year the month of March and April became the holy month as people around the world celebrate and get together to pay their tribute and love & dedication to Lord Ram.

The Devotee Hindu Believes That In The past on the occasion of Rama Navami the prayer of King Dasaratha ( Ayodhya King ) was answered by the Almighty Lord. King Was Having Three Queens Named – Kaushalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra, But None Of The Three Bore Him A Male Child Which King Was Looking For Taking Care Of His Kingdom.

Finally, He Met With Great Sage Vasistha Who Advised Him To Perform A Putra Kamesthi Yagya, the holy Yagya used to obtain offspring. After With The Consent From King Dasaratha Maharishi Shrunga performed a ritual ceremony and as the end cause of this Yagya Dasratha Was handed Over A Bowl Of Rice Milk ( payasam ) and was asked to distribute it among his wives. King Distributed That Rice Milk to his wives – Kaikeyi and Kausalya but both of them shared that food with Sumitra, as a result, the uneven distribution of food lead to both Kaushalya And Kaikeyi one son while Sumitra was blessed with two Sons.

Ayodhya Experienced

That Day In Ayodhya Experienced The best ever Festival Celebration Where All The Residents Of Ayodhya Gathered Together For Welcoming Their Upcoming King. Every Street Was Well Decorated And Lighted with handmade candles and diya’s and everyone was ready to Thank Almighty Lord.

The Great Poet And Sage Valmiki ( wrote Ramayana ) tells us the life history of Lord Ram And How Ayodhya Was Ruled By Him, It Also Includes The Katha And Mantras Used By Ram And His Team While Moving Towards Lanka ( Kingdom Of Ravana ). Ravana Was one Of the Famous devils who captured Mata Sita For Taking Revenge From Lord Ram and His Brother Lakshmana.

Lessons To Learn From Ramayana

Ramayana Teach Us The Way And Lessons – ” How a devil Got Defeated “. This Book Is One Of The Important Book For Hindus . It Contains All The Important Mantras Which Is Very Important For Indians Especially Hindu Religion. All The Life History Of Lord Ram And His Family is Described In The Ramayana Book With Full Detailed Information.

This Book Was Composed By One Of The Famous Sage And Scholar – ” Valmiki “. He Is The Man Who Plays An Important Role Of Father In Ramyana When Sita Was Send To Forest For ” Agnipariksha “.