150-year-old temple, Peddamma Gudi One of Hyderabad’s most significant holy sites, Peddamma Gudi, has a fascinating past. The peculiar aspect of the tale is that it is said to have been around for 150 years. The Rajagopuram structure was finished in 1993, the year the temple received significant attention, and it later became a popular tourist destination in Hyderabad. Our revered Telangana statesman P. Janardhan Reddy, often known as PJR and the former MLA of Khairatabad, constructed Peddamma Temple with particular attention to detail.

This temple is devoted to Goddess Durga, the personification of power and courage, and is located at Jubilee Hills in the center of Hyderabad. Literally translated as “mother of the universe,” Peddamma means “mother of mothers.” Gauramma and Ammavaru are other names for Peddamma Talli in Telangana. The 11 forms of Goddess Mahankali include Peddamma Talli.

It is thought that she is the universe’s savior and that devotees worship her with great devotion.

Goddess Durga’s ancestry

It’s amazing to learn how Goddess Durga came to be. According to legend, even though Lord Shiva’s third eye had the power to end all three realms, he was unable to defeat the demonic Mahishasura when he opened it. From all across the world, shaktis began to emerge at this time. From Brahma came Brahmi, from Kumar came Kaumari, from Lord Vishu came Vaishnavi, from Varaha, came Varahi, and from Shiva came Shaivani. A piercing, blinding light formed as all of these female shaktis combined. The lovely Durga, also known as the unreachable one, took on the shape of this light. She received weaponry from all the gods; Brahma handed her his bow, Shiva gave her his trident, Vishnu gave her his cherished discus and mace, and Kumara handed her his lance.

The Shakti then ascended a lion in readiness for battle. Next came a famous conflict. In order to assault Durga, Mahishasura, the buffalo demon, assumed numerous shapes. Mahishasura isn’t responding to any of Durga’s weapons, so the courageous goddess charged at the demon with just her hands, and the buffalo monster collapsed at her feet. In this way, Devi Durga’s Shakti defeated the Mahishasura who had been proclaimed unbeatable.

Festivals held at Peddamma Gudi Temple

At Peddamma Gudi, the Bonalu festival is observed in the Ashadam month of the Telangana Hindu calendar, during which ladies from all over the city take an earthen pot filled with rice, jaggery, milk, and curd, wrapped in neem leaves, and embellished with haldi, kumkum, and a diya on top as a sacrifice to the Goddess.

Rathotsavam, which is observed in Peddamma Gudi temple on the auspicious day of Ratha Saptami, is another significant festival. Rath literally translates to “chariot,” therefore during this three-day yearly celebration, the god is decked with lovely blooms and ornaments and pulled by a well-lit, stunning chariot for the benefit of the worshippers. According to legend, people that worship Goddess Peddamma get their desires granted, drawing throngs of followers from all over the world each year.

Prayers at Peddamma Gudi Temple

Every Thursday, there are special prayers that start at 3 am with “Abhishekam” and continue with Navagraha Homam, “Rudra,” “Chandi Homam,” “Dikpala Bhairava Baliharanam,” “Purnahuti,” and “Annadanam.”

The yearly festival of the temple, Peddamma Brahmotsavam, lasts for four days and includes Rathotsavam. The temple is particularly crowded with worshippers and lavishly adorned throughout these 4 days. The Peddamma Gudi transforms into a lovely sight to see with the addition of floral decorations and countless lamps illuminating every area of the temple.

The temple has increased in notoriety as one of the temples in Hyderabad and Telangana over the past five years. Due to the large number of devotees that come to this well-known temple in Hyderabad every day, it’s like a festival there.


– 12.5 km (30–35 minute drive) from Secunderabad Railway Station

– 14 km (50–60 min) from the MGBS Bus Stop in Hyderabad

Transport via Public:

– Buses from Hyderabad’s MGBS Bus Stop: 127K (direct bus), 10H (direct bus), 5K-127P, and 5T-127K

Peddamma Gudi is Located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Road No. 55

Food Facilities: 

Hyderabad has a wide variety of hotels and restaurants.

Hours of the Peddamma Gudi Temple:

Weekdays, 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Sundays from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Tourist attractions nearby:

– KBR Park – Shilparamam (Handicrafts Village) – Hi-Tech City.



Why is the Peddamma Temple well-known?

It is one of the most significant locations to see on your tour of Hyderabad City because of its beautiful architecture and religious significance, which draw hundreds of devotees every day. The Peddamma Temple is dedicated to Maa Durga and Goddess Lakshmi.

Which temple in Hyderabad is the holiest?

The Odia people of Hyderabad, India, constructed the current Jagannath shrine, a shrine devoted to the Hindu deity Jagannath. The temple, which is close to Banjara Hills Road No. 12 (twelve) in Hyderabad, is well-known for the tens of thousands of devotees who attend its annual Rath Yatra celebration.

Who was Peddamma Gudi’s founder?

Reddy P Janardhan, As a fervent follower of Goddess Peddamma, P Janardhan Reddy, a former MLA and minister for labor, resurrected and rebuilt this little historic temple in 1993. The Temple Trust was founded by him. He built the Kalyana Mandapam, Raja Gopuram, five stories of Garba Gudi, seven stories, and restrooms.

Near Hyderabad, which temple has a snake-like shape?

The temple of Lakshmi
Narasimha Swamy This breathtaking beauty may be found on the trail leading to the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, which is located on a hill in Telangana. An idol of Lord Krishna is located on the snake temple’s head. It is around 150 km from Hyderabad.

Which White Temple is close to Hyderabad?

Temple Birla
The white marble building, expansive grounds, stunning Gurbani sculptures and stone carvings, and numerous teachings of acclaimed saints have turned this location into one of the top tourist destinations in Hyderabad.